Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Curiosity Built the Flat Part 2

Planing the renovation

My builder came round last week.

We spent nearly 2 hours discussing the main areas of renovation. The kitchen will be how the new plans show. 
The main change is in the bathroom. So what are the changes? Well these are moving the washing machine to a cupboard in the hallway but putting it so you can access the washing machine from the bathroom, the water heater will also go in the cupboard. The shower will now go where the washing machine and sink were. The sink will no go where the bath was.
As you can see a complete change for this room, I think the only thing that's in the same place is the towel rail and of course the toilet.

Its important to get these things right at this stage, doing it when you have re-done the plumbing etc is going to cost more. A good builder is worth their weight in gold. They simply know what works and what doesn't. So listen to them. You can always find a compromise if you need to. 

Update and fitting a Candy washing machine / dryer

 The bathroom is almost finished. Just need to get the aluminium arm that connects the glass side panel to the ceiling. The company that fit...