Thursday, 5 December 2019

Calling in the Calvary and Channelling my inner Strawbridge.

At the moment I am ripping out the bathroom, getting this ready for the builder, and playing where does this water pipe go. I am so glad I am re-plumbing the whole bathroom, whoever put the last lot of pipes in didn't do a very good job. A supposedly soldered joint came away in my hand not a good start, and that happened more than once, only a mater of time before it would have leaked everywhere.

 My builder came round the other day to check measurements and then came up with a rather nice idea, in order to maximise space he suggested putting in a pocket door, this means that the washing machine and hot water heater will now have their own space and I get a much bigger hall wardrobe. Like most changes it does mean the dining room concept I had with an L shaped bench seat has now changed into something simpler. 

In order to get everything ready for Christmas, I have called in the cavalry and have got a builder in to help me. Things are going up rather rapidly. This means everything should be ready in a couple of days, for the bathroom, rather than 5 or 6 days if I did it myself.
Builder Miguel and workmate working hard.

I think is very easy to under estimate the time needed to do things especially if you are doing it yourself. Just look at Escape to the Chateau, Dick and Angel Strawbridge know when they need help and when they can do it themselves.  And also its knowing what help you need. Friends are a good source of free labour (well a few beers and a lunch out), but there are times when you need professional help. 

Once the bathroom has been done I will post the before, during and after photos. So sometime after Christmas will be the next update.

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