This is a blog within a blog. 

To start with it will be about renovating an apartment.

At the moment I am waiting to complete on the apartment, So there won't be much happening here until April. But will start by posting some before images and a few CGI images I have generated.

Stage one will be updating the electrics as this hasn't been done since the 80's. 
Stage two will be complete kitchen reform.
Stage three will be complete bathroom reform.
Stage four will be lounge and bedrooms.

Within these stages will be the lighting. This will will be smart lighting, which means each light can be controlled individually or as a group. Most will also be colour change. Being able to control individual lights means that for example in the lounge if the lights are at 40% brightness and I need to read the paper I can just turn up the brightness of the light nearest me. 
So how is this going to be achieved, well the controller for this is by a company called Loxone. I will be using their Miniserver Go and Tree extension. Not only will it control the lighting but also turn the air conditioning off if the apartment is empty. Control the electric water heater, to make use of cheaper rate electricity tariffs and much more. I will be able to monitor the apartment remotely. So if I have forgotten to switch the lights off I can do it all from my phone while having a coffee at the nearest bar. 

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