Sunday, 7 July 2019

Curiosity Built the Flat Part 5

More changes to the bathroom so I guess its now bathroom V2.2 now.
Decided to change where the washing machine goes. This I hope will also save about €1000 euros in labour and construction costs. Amazing that just re-positioning the washing machine can save this amount of money. 
In the old plan the hallway wardrobe was going to be split into two separate cupboards. One becoming the new hallway wardrobe and the other going into the bathroom with the bottom part housing the washing machine.  All this chopping and changing of the wardrobe amounted to about €1000 euros. So changing it will save about €1000.
And I think doesn't look that bad.
Old version layout

This is the old layout with the washing machine in the revamped cupboard. 

And this is the proposed new layout. I think it looks better.
New version layout
New layout showing spacing
This other picture just gives an idea of spacing between toilet and sink. plenty of room. 

Its always a worry when planning things that you will get the spacing wrong. No matter how many CGI models and plans you do, sometimes a bit of cardboard cut out to the right shape and laid out on the ground will give you a better idea. 
Photos below are showing the process I went through before coming up with the newer shower screen . Good old cardboard boxes.
Showing the 30cm gap
New 110cm shower screen set up.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Curiosity Built the Flat Part 4

 So whats been happening.
 Well I have had the quotes in and while the prices aren't bad individually, add them all up and its way over budget.

 Looked at what the kitchen installer wanted to charge for the appliances, and it was rather a lot. So went online and after a quick Google found I could reduce the bill by €1500 which is quite a saving. 

 So I have started looking at other areas of the quote, and I think we might be able to shave a bit off here and there. We are close but the final amount needs to come down. If not I won't have the all important contingency plan, if certain things take longer than planned or something unexpected crops up. 

Unfortunately the installer is in Switzerland installing at the moment so will have to wait until he gets back.

So watch this space.

Update and fitting a Candy washing machine / dryer

 The bathroom is almost finished. Just need to get the aluminium arm that connects the glass side panel to the ceiling. The company that fit...