Monday, 12 August 2019

Part 6

So whats been happening this week then.
Well temperatures are just above 30ÂșC  and humidity is a good 70 to 80% so working on the apartment in this weather is quite a challenge. Apart from sweating out my body weight in water the rapid dry cement is drying too quickly by the time I have mixed it and got the first lump in to hold the back boxes in, the rest has dried. Adding too much water just makes in unworkable and very sloppy. So have changed to using a small amount of rapid dry cement and something called Yeso Contralado, its a type of gypsum based plaster and has a longer setting time than rapid dry cement  but not as long as normal plaster. And mixing the two together gives a more manageable and still fairly quick drying solution.

UK back box 
This picture shows the UK style back box (in part three I wrote about the switches I had selected) in the wall, with top and right side cemented with rapid cement only. The lolly stick is there to stop the  fixing screw holes brackets for the switches from moving during the cementing. 
Since putting this one in I have found that a slightly modified euro back box also accepts UK style switches. 
So will be using them from now on. The hole on the left goes through to bedroom 2 and to another back box.

This is the hole in the bedroom ready for the back box and conduit from the other back box above. This will then connect up to a back box in the other bedroom and up to a junction box near the ceiling. 

Finished lounge back box
Finished bedroom back box

                                                                                  Completed stage one of the back boxes for the bedrooms, and lounge. 

Fortunately the other switches are in the correct place, so no more back boxes for switches needed but still need them for the sockets. Like most older Spanish properties the number of sockets are rather sparse. So the plan is to add more, especially where the TV goes. So the plan is where there is a single socket (they are all single sockets) change them to doubles and put in either two doubles or a triple by the TV area. 

Next part I will be putting up ceiling fans in the bedroom, this will hopefully alleviate some of the heat and make it bearable for the rest of the summer.

Update and fitting a Candy washing machine / dryer

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